ITS 2012 is coming soon

ITS 2012 is coming soon 09 May 2012

The new generation of young accessories design talents for the eleventh edition of ITS – International Talent Support is here! YKK has been partnering this event with the YKK award for the last 6 years, and specifically as main sponsor to the ITS accessories. Past winners of this award are Liron Braker, Tomasz Donocik, Laura Amstein, etc.

International Talent Support is a platform created and developed by the EVE agency and dedicated to the search and support of young talents all over the world. The next edition ITS 2012 will be on 13 and 14 July in Trieste, Italy, following the decade anniversary of 2011. The platform is composed of three different competitions: ITS FASHION, ITS ACCESSORIES and ITS JEWELRY.

To discover more go to www.itsweb.org or follow the International Talent Support facebook page!