PRESS RELEASE: ISPO Munich - 3-5 February 2013 Hall

PRESS RELEASE: ISPO Munich - 3-5 February 2013 Hall 28 February 2013

YKK becomes bluesign® system partner.

As a global market leader, YKK has an outstanding reputation when it comes to quality zippers and other fastening solutions. That the company has a long history of corporate social responsibility programmes is less well known.

Contributing to a sustainable society has long been at the core of YKK principles. In 1994, YKK established the YKK Group Environmental Charter, to effectively address environmental issues across its global organisation. The goal of the charter is to ensure health and prosperity for mankind in harmony with the environment. Other initiatives range from the Yoshida Scholarship Foundation to the YKK Fastening Green Procurement approach. Using the latest technological advances, YKK continues to promote environment friendly policies in all its business activities, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint, resource recycling and harmony with nature, to ensure a sustainable future.

YKK manufacturing facilities operate under ISO 14001 and the main product lines comply with the Oeko-Tex® standards. Joining the bluesign® system, and committing to certifying its fastening products over time, seems a natural step to take.

“Corporate social responsibility is a hot topic in the textile industry and it is normal that the market expects YKK to react to the increasing importance of bluesign technologies' reputation within it”, says Johnny de Boer, a Marketing Manager at YKK in Europe. “Although most people will already be aware of YKK's strong historical emphasis on sustainability, we are very proud and happy to become a bluesign® system partner. YKK is continuing to do what it is good at and the bluesign® system will offer assurance to our customers and end users of our approach towards sustainability”.

"We are very delighted to work together with YKK. YKK's efforts toward higher EHS security and transparency is an important step for the entire industry", says Peter Waeber, CEO bluesign technologies ag.

For more details please contact: Johnny de Boer - YKK Marketing Manager: +44 1928 713737 ext. 653. To receive the pictures in high resolution, please email: stephanie.ledru@lol-marketing.com More information on YKK Group Environmental Charter: http://www.ykk.com/english/corporate/eco/charter.htm