“ECO-DYE”: Introduction of YKK Fastening Products Group’s Environmental Activity

“ECO-DYE”: Introduction of YKK Fastening Products Group’s Environmental Activity 30 January 2015

As part of the environmental activities at YKK Kurobe Factory, YKK is working on the development of “ECO-DYE” technology that utilizing the supercritical fluid dyeing (“SFD”) technology which allows YKK to reduce almost to zero the amount of water used in the zipper dyeing process.

Through its main business YKK Group is aiming at contributing to a sustainable society by manufacturing and creating new value in cooperation with local communities, customers and employees. Currently YKK Group operates in 71 countries / regions including Japan. Nowadays, when there is a strong demand to address environmental problems, strengthen chemical management etc., there is an increased demand to protect worldwide water resources essential for human life and needed for industrial use. In the future the problem of water resources is expected to grow. For the apparel industry, major issues include the reduction of water usage, elimination of discharge of hazardous chemicals and waste water in production processes. The apparel industry is taking proactive actions to address these issues. For example, major apparel brands, which include our customers, are joining the Detox campaign aimed at the elimination of water pollution and discharge of hazardous substances.

As a leading company in the manufacture of fastening products, YKK not only produce quality products but also pays a great deal of attention to environmental aspects of the production process. Reducing water usage and eliminating wastewater in the manufacturing process of fastening products is becoming increasingly important. YKK is currently working to apply SFD technology, a method for zipper dyeing. This technology uses carbon dioxide (CO2) as a dyeing medium that makes it possible to reduce water use to nearly zero and avoids wastewater problems. In addition, carbon dioxide (CO2) used can be collected and recycled. Another advantage of using SFD is that it does not require drying, and therefore is expected to contribute to the reduction of energy use. YKK is now testing and working on their further development of “ECO-DYE” technology for mass production. As of January 2015, commercialization and actual release date of ECO-DYE™ products have yet to be determined.

YKK will continue to take efforts to develop and spread eco-friendly technologies and environmentally conscious products.

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*About SFD (Supercritical Fluid Dyeing)

SFD is an innovative dyeing technology that uses carbon dioxide (CO2) instead of water as dyeing medium. Dyeing is done utilizing carbon dioxide in “superficial fluid” state, which is achieved by controlling the temperature and pressure and in which carbon dioxide has characteristics of both gas and liquid.