YKK won the highly prestigious Porter Prize

YKK won the highly prestigious Porter Prize 25 March 2015

YKK has achieved the highly prestigious 'Porter Prize' award for 2014.

The 'Porter Prize' is presented to Japanese companies that have continued to achieve high profitability by applying unique and outstanding strategies. The prize was established in 2001 with the objective of increasing the competitiveness of Japanese companies. The name of the award is derived from Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard University, a leading authority on strategy with a longstanding interest in Japan.

The strategies that were developed by YKK were achieved by its employees.

‘You are the ones who linked the strategies to our profits. Therefore, my belief is that this award was won through the efforts of all employees. I would therefore like to say to you all, “Congratulations” and “Thank you.”’ – said President of YKK Corporation, Mr Masayuki Sarumaru.

For more information please contact enquiries@ykkeurope.com

or go to http://www.porterprize.org/english/pastwinner/2014/12/31182003.html